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Neteller – A “free” money transfer service, NETeller is the webs most extensively supported service. You will find that almost every online casino supports this system. NETeller is similar to an online wallet. You fund your secure NETeller account by credit cards, Bank Deposits InstaCash and/or electronic funds transfers. This system is a hassle free means of purchasing anything online and is accepted almost everywhere which makes this service a convenient alternative for US and international consumers. For more information go to

FirePay – A safe and secure way to transfer funds online. Simply fund your personal FirePay account with your credit cards, checks, wire transfers, etc. and use it like an online debit card. Now you can use your FirePay account at almost any online casino or other online retail site to make a purchase and you don’t have to worry about anyone retrieving your personal credit card information. This payment method is an easy and safe way of making transactions at any online casino. Open your account toady at

Direct Transfer ACH - An Automatic Clearing House (ACH) is a simple direct fund transfer from any bank holders account to a specific chosen beneficiary (ex. the online casino). This type of transfer is really easy and fast however it is unfortunately only available to US citizens at the current time.

Gaming Card –This method of payment is a fairly new and innovative method available to VIP clients and is exclusive to the online gaming industry. Gaming Card holders can fund their accounts with their credit cards, direct ATM transfers and Western Union, for example. This type of money transfer is convenient because the casino can directly credit your gaming card when you win. This eliminates the frustration of having to wait for a check in the mail.

900 Pay – Also known as TeleBuy, 900Pay is a payment system where you fund your casino accounts over your telephone. This system is secure, fast and easy to used and is available to clients in the US and Canada. You do not need a credit card when using this method.

Citadel – One of the newest money transferring systems available to online casino players. With this system you are simply depositing an electronic check into your casino bank account. The only requirement to using Citadel as your payment method is that you have a checking account with a US bank. Check them out at

Wire Transfer – Similar to a direct transfer ACH, wire transfers are also a transfer of funds from the bank account holders personal account to that of the casino. However in this case the process is a bit more complex. The client must first fill out a form and fax/email it to the casino so that they have the information they need to make a request to your bank to transfer the money. You must also give your bank the authorization to wire the money.

Western Union – in business for many years, Western Union is a leader in the global money transfer industry. They allow anyone, whether they have credit cards, a checking account or not, to transfer money from the western union office to the desired location. A number of casino will accept money transfers from Western Union.


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